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SAORE: Pronounced "Say or' ✨


Why American Made?


We can find a million reasons why, but it boils down to two things.

The Economy/ 

First and foremost we want our own country to flourish.  Our inspiration comes from all over the world, and we want YOU to be able to travel the world and experience everything you’ve always dreamed of seeing. But we’re doing this to give you one more way of keeping the money you’ve worked so hard to earn, in our hands in the United States to help out our own communities and citizens. We want demand for apparel manufacturing to come back to the United States, we want to start to see our lightweight, flowy fabrics made here, and one day we want to see every single piece of every single garment made on our soil! 


 Environmental Impact/

The less something travels, the less it’s impacting the environment. Keeping as much of the process domestic as possible is helping us minimize all of this!


So what is actually being Made In The USA?

Let’s break this down…

+ The styles: 100% designed and developed here, cut here, sewn here. Start to finish.  Always. 🇺🇸

+ The fabric: Some of the knits are created here. 🇺🇸 The lighter weight wovens are still imported as the demand for those in the United States isn’t there yet. (That’s where we come in! Creating more demand will give the domestic fabric mills a reason to shift to the fabrics we need!) 

+ The fancy trims: a few are made here, most are still imported for now (all of the trims, buttons, zippers, etc. need to be imported, but not for lack of trying!) 

+ The packaging: Most of it is made here 🇺🇸. As the brand grows we’ll be able to have this 100% made here to be able to reach some of these high minimums we have with how custom all of our packaging is! (Fancy we know, but we love it and hope you do too!) 


Since this is so close to our hearts we are constantly looking for new sources in the United States for every piece of the process and the garments.  We will always keep you in the loop of these updates! (Signing up for our emails is the best way to stay in the know!)


And of course, if you ever have anyone you know that is creating something domestically you think will help us please let us know!